Küresel Şiddet Sarmalı İçimizde!
3 Nisan 2016
Gündemden Notlar – Akademisyen Dr. Bilge Azgın
20 Temmuz 2016

The River Mind Stream


I lay down on my back and hang my legs to the gravity dance of the butterfly.
Exhaling the life until the roots stretch out to the end of the time.
Inhaling the life until the inflated balloon bursts into the infinite sky.
One has to dream of dreaming deep inside to the self;
In order to wake up and get outside of the self!

“You cannot enter to the same river twice!”
“You cannot swim in the same river twice!”
Wise Greek Heraklitos once said…

Be wiser!
Do not try to enter the river!
You will not be able to enter into…
Do not try to swim in the river!
The river will not swim with you…

Spring will creep in and melt the frozen plains of the winter.
The gurgling sound and the bubbling energy of the water
Gently elevates to the mountain altitudes from the brain’s stem.
Just keep the mind still!
Unlock the two globes of dam and
Let the river to flow downhill.

Once you are not able to see anything apart from this overwhelming force that is running over,
Once you are swallowed by its screaming voice that is hovering over,
Once your DNA crumble apart like the ashes of the cremated body in the water,
Then the river will start to swim with you!
The river will make you will fly through the highest waterfalls and land into the deepest valleys.
The river knows what to show you once it takes you through.
While travelling through the untravelled lands,
You will see the purest colour of the sun light
Reflecting through the most sparkling curves of HO2.

This is a poem about the self to get out of the self.
If you want to see what the river will show you
Be wiser then Greek Heraklitos.
Do not try to enter the river!

Bilge Azgin (July 2014)